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A penis pump is a cylinder placed around the penis with a hose that creates a suction. This draws blood into the penis, creating an erection and increases the size of the penis. 
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What Are Penis Pumps For?
Consider a penis pump if you want to increase your penis length or girth.  A Penis Pump can also be used for masturbation.  Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction should consider using a penis pump to maintain and strengthen erections without the use of drugs such as Viagra. All men can benefit from the use of a penis pump if just to help strengthen erections and improve sexual performance. Penis pumping can be effective depending on your goal masturbation, erectile dysfunction or penis enlargement.

How Effective Is A Penis Pump!
The success of your pimping experience is greatly affected by the style of pump you choose and the commitment of time you give to pimping. Just like body-building of any other muscle tissue, if you don't work out you do not build muscle mass.  The length of pumping a session and the frequency of the pumping sessions are two factors that will determine the long term results. 

Select The Right Penis Pump!
There are three primary types of penis pumps - Hand Pumps, Electrical / Automatic Power Pumps & Shower Pumps.  Hand Pumps have additional choices based upon the pump grip - Classic Bulb, Trigger, Pistol and Finger Grip.  Electric Pumps use plug in current for power and Automatic Penis Pumps use a battery powered motor to handle all the suction for you. Shower pumps use water, rather than air, as the primary source to send blood towards the penis for an erection.

Selecting The Right Cylinder!
Selecting the proper cylinder size is also important for your pumping sessions. Your cylinder should be large enough to allow for significant expansion, but not so large as to make it easy for the testicles to be drawn into the cylinder by the vacuum.  To measure your girth, wrap a string around your erect penis, and use a felt-tip pen to mark the point on the string where it crosses itself. Then straighten the string, and use a ruler to measure the distance between the two marks. This measurement will represent your penis girth. 

Cylinder Size Fits Girth Up To
1-1/2 inches
1-3/4 inches
2 inches 
2-1/4 inches
2-1/2 inches
2-3/4 inches
3 inches

When selecting cylinder length, choose one that is between 2 and 3 inches longer than your erect penis length.

How to Use a Penis Pump.
1. Trim your pubic hair. This will keep it from causing openings in the seal of the pump.

2.  Most penis pumps are compatible with water based lubricants. A water based lubricant with a gel like consistency will reduce friction while pumping.  Apply lubrication to the opening of the pump and to your penis, so it will slide in easily.  Oil based lubricants are discouraged as they can degrade the rubber seal.

3. Insert the shaft of your penis into the cylinder until the base of the pump is pressed firmly against your body so it is air tight.

4. Place your finger over the air release hole or set the pump to only allow air into the cylinder by turning it clockwise.

5. Start compressing and releasing the pump slowly, taking time to get used to the sensations and pressure.

6. Continue pumping until your penis is firmly erect.

7. Stop and check your penis.  If any discomfort or pain is felt at all during any point of the pumping, STOP! At first it will be a strange sensation but it should not hurt.

8. Once you're at full pressure, stop and slowly open the air release or turn it anti clockwise, allowing the air to disperse and your pumped penis to slip freely from the cylinder! When your penis leaves the cylinder, it will gradually go back to its normal size. To keep your extra length and girth, slip on a cock ring before pumping.

It's recommended that you use your penis pump for no longer than 20 minutes to avoid damage to the blood vessels in your penis but it's perfectly fine to use the pump often, with gaps between sessions.

Penis Pump Care
Before and after use wash your penis pump with a mild antibacterial soap in warm water. Allow to air dry completely. Never clean your pump with an alcohol or ammonia based cleanser as it will degrade the cylinder.

Penis Pump Risks
While penis pumping helps with erectile dysfunction, f you are susceptible to blood clots or bleeding, or are on any type of blood thinning medication consult your doctor prior to partaking in penis pumping. 
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